Welcome to my "site"

Nothing serious is actually placed here. I cannot even guess what to put on this page. But, anyway, this page must exist to deny my hoster to use my domain advertising itself :) So let's use it for some purpose to make it at least not completely worthless.

I'm a web-developer who didn't manage to make his own site useful and well-looking so far :) But it could be just for one reason — I'm very-very busy because of many, many, many different interesting projects to develop. I'm so generous, that all of my developing time is spent only on my full-time job and on my freelance jobs. By the way, you can help me to leave this site undone for some more time — just email me on kazakov[dash]anton[doggy]ya[dot]ru and give me one more project :)

Since I've told you who I am, there's nothing else you can do here, except using the links you can see below this text. I'm not sure if they are useful for you, because they are actually placed here for me :) So, good bye, visitor, "let the Force be with you" ©